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An idea of the company

Introducing ETcco

Etcco was established in Lebanon in 1993, As a contracting Engineering, and Trading Company, its mission has been to undertake virtually any Mechanical & Electrical Construction project from Design to Execution to Operation & Maintenance. Etcco draws on the proficiency of its highly qualified engineers and long-experienced technicians who have gathered extensive expertise ever since 1979 in Saudi Arabia And Lebanon.
In 2013 Etcco expanded its operation base to Africa: Ghana was chosen as gateway.

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Our Work

Throughout the years, we have managed to deal with a wide spectrum of known clients and international consultants. The projects executed encompass 4 & 5 Stars Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial Centers, High Rise Luxury Residential Towers, Resorts, etc.
In 2013, we decided to expand geographically by moving to Africa, Etcco-Africa was established with a capital of US$1,000,000. Our first client was Dream Realty Company from whom we undertook, ever since 2013, the design & execution of the Air Conditioning System of Octagon - the biggest Commercaial center in Ghana.

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Our Way

Our group operates over a decentralized platform. Both Etcco-Lebanon & Etcc-Africa enjoy a complete independence as far as the departmental structure is concerned. This also applies to every project we execute. This modus operandi has given us the much needed maneuverability and focus on all fronts. Without it, we would not be able to outperform especially in the execution of large and complex projects. Moreover, and throughout the past 22 years, our staff has been greared towards quality output were strict procedures are in place to ensure highest standards in deliverables. As for our clients , we go beyond just delivering them a finished project. We partner with them at all levels & all way through unitl final delivery and beyond.

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